I'm at the stage with my second draft when all I want to do is WRITE IT NON-STOP! Because I'm writing up hand-written chunks and adding/adapting/rewriting as I go, it's a really exciting process.  I hate stopping...

Unfortunately, I have a full-time job which doesn't allow for writing while working, except on lunch breaks... and it is so frustrating to know I've only got an hour to write and by the time I'm in my flow I've got to get back to work.

Darnit, Tuesday, you need to be Friday!!

Until the actual weekend, I shall just have to keep squeezing writing in wherever I can fit it.

Like right now :D



  1. Seriously, don't ever stop posting these photos of your desk area. I love that!

    It's the worst when you're on a major roll with something and you have other obligations! Maybe we should clone you and send your clone to work instead... ;)

  2. Wow you have a seperate computer just for your novel? That's so cool.

  3. Laura: I shall continue! And I'm all up for sending my clone to work ;)

    Gracie: Oh, gosh, no! I tend to have DVD on my big one while I work on my little netbook. I have to have some kind of noise in the background as I work. I actually bought the little fella so I could do work for my job (the one I get paid for!) out and about.


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