Listen With Miss Cole - Week One

(Title Adapted from Listen With Mother)

For the next few Fridays, I'm going to share some of my favourite composers with you all.  I have no understanding of music theory or anything like that.  I'm just sharing music that stirs my imagination and takes me to other worlds.

I'll start with someone you've all heard of.

Hans Zimmer

Whenever I go through my iTunes, I'm always surprised at how much of it is filled with his astonishingly AWESOME music.  I absolutely love his work and use it to write just about anything.

I'll give you a taste of how broad his awesomeness is.  Some of these are co-composed with others, but he's still a huge part of each piece.

Cheeky and light-hearted.

Hopeful and yet somehow melancholy.

Tense and brooding.

Proud and triumphant.

Whether you like these films or not, you can't deny the emotion of each piece.  Hans Zimmer and his co-conductors know how to bring things to life. 

Coming Next Week: Nobuo Uematsu


  1. I love Hans Zimmer! In addition to having a pretty awesome name, his music is fantastic!

    I always wonder how you co-compose a score. Do they sit down together and one guy goes "uh, so maybe DUM DUM DUM DUUUUUUM" and then the other guy goes "no, maybe more like DUMMMM DUM DUMMMMMM". :p

    The ability to hear the whole thing in your head with all the different instruments and how everyone fits together BLOWS MY MIND. Some of the music we played when I was in band in high school was so complex and I cannot even begin to imagine writing something so amazing! Blows. my. mind.

  2. Laura: I know exactly what you mean. A story coming into your head is one thing, but being able to compose music and different parts for different instruments blows my mind.

    And how composers have a signature in their music. You know when it's Hans Zimmer because there's that sound in all his pieces. I can't even describe what it is, but you just know it's his work. Amazing.


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