Changing Room

Today is World Book Day! As I work with children, we celebrated by dressing up as our favourite characters. Naturally, it got me thinking about my characters and what they wear.

What to wear, what to wear...

While I don't spend much time going over my characters' appearances (it's really not a plot issue), there are times when the plot demands I change their clothes... albeit from one style of camouflage to another.

Dressing your characters correctly is really important to giving your story authenticity. The way they dress might reflect their personality or their status. Clothing styles and materials have to suit the setting too – denim didn't exist Elizabethan England, just as not too many people stroll around in suits of armour these days.

Getting the historical details for clothing right is essential, especially things like uniforms for famous schools or military uniforms. Even if your story is set in the modern day, make sure you're up to date with the trends.  Do your fashion research if it's going to be a huge part of your story!

Try not to dress a character in something you think is cool or fashionable just because you like it if it doesn't fit the character or the setting. I'm a huge anime fan, but none of my characters are running around in sailor-style uniforms.

Which is a damn shame!

Think about your characters and be brutally honest. Are they dressed appropriately, or are they dressed in a variety of styles you aspire to? If they're not quite right, get 'em changed quick!


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