Today, my novel became part of a trilogy. 

I am going to need more post-its...
I was at work when the idea for the third story hit me.  Nothing particularly interesting was happening, but the idea came and oh my gosh, the second book will have such an evil ending.

*insert maniacal laughter*

This is both exciting and slightly terrifying.  Exciting because I finally know the extent of my characters' stories and I can stay with them for a little longer.  Terrifying because all the what ifs I'm not going to list here.  I'm gonna focus on the exciting!

I have the trilogy's (trilogy!) themes set out and I'm writing out the teeniest of descriptions so I don't forget the important stuff (no large scale planning for me!).

Wish me luck!

And if anyone has any advice for writing lengthy projects, please share it!


  1. Ohhhhhhhh!! This IS exciting! :D Good luck, yay!

  2. Laura: Thanks! I'm already having fun writing scenes from the 3rd book... which is worrying when I haven't finished the second, but you gotta go with the flow!


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