Under the Influence

So, continuing on from yesterday, today I'm going to look at influences.

All of us are influenced by things in our lives.  The influences on your writing can be something as personal as your family background and childhood, or something you love such as your favourite books and films. It can be helpful to be aware of your influences so you know when you're starting to sound too much like your favourite author or film director.

Here's a list of my influences:

I'm English!

The best motivational poster EVER

My culture, heritage, upbringing and general awesomeness have an influence on the way I write. I'll make cultural references in my writing that are clear to English people but will make other people go “huh?” How many people here know what an ASBO-toting teenager is? Not that they can tote ASBOs now that they've been abolished, but I digress. 

My accent comes across in my writing, and I have to edit this a lot. Well, kinda. I actually type the “g's” and “t's” I don't say. And hopefully I haven't dropped too many “ain't's” or "innit's" in here. The dialogue I write will be English, because that's what I know and yeah, we do speak differently to everyone else.  And plenty of us speak differently to each other.  There's no such thing as an "English" accent.  Mine is southern with a Brighton twang and I don't sound anything like a Scouser.

I was going to post a link to a video with awful English accents, but researching them made my ears bleed. The only good English accent, ladies and gents, is one coming out of an English person.  You'll find some lower down ;) Scroll!

Anime and Manga

I love how Japanese Anime and Manga are styled, how the characters move and how expressive the art is. It's also how I imagine a lot of fight scenes. I'm a big fan of fight scenes that look realistic but actually aren't.  Anime specialises in these.

Cardcaptor Sakura.  My favourite anime EVER.  

Fullmetal Alchemist.  How I miss you.

Oh Bleach, how I have only recently rediscovered my love for you <3

And no, I don't really understand Japanese.  Thank you, subtitles!

Philip Pullman

Northern Lights, the first book of His Dark Materials, is my favourite book ever and Philip Pullman is one of the biggest influences on the way I write. I read Northern Lights frequently so I know when I sound too much like him... but mostly because I love it so much!

Action Films

My friends know it's hard to get me to sit through a film that doesn't have at least one fight scene... Although I did recently sit through Black Swan and enjoyed it! But I love a good adrenaline-fuelled scene, and I also love an epic adventure, and you better believe I write action-packed stories.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah cinematic heaven.


I have an eclectic taste in music, but if something gets me writing, it finds a place on my iPod.  Britney Spears to Beethoven, Brit Pop to J-Pop.  I have an extremely random iPod.


That's just a handful of my influences.  There are many, many, many more.  Being aware of them means I know what I love and what I create builds on the things inspiring me.

Have a Happy Friday!


  1. I think about us seeing Casino Royale practically every time I see a film at the cinema. THAT. FILM. IS. SO. EPIC! ♥

    "Keep calm and carry on" is perhaps the best piece of advice of all time. I love that poster!

  2. Laura: I can't watch Casino Royale without thinking of all our viewings of it!

    Keep Calm and Carry On, to quote Goldeneye for the Wii, are WORDS TO LIVE BY!



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