So, titles. They're a bit like naming a child - they've got to stick with them forever so they need to be awesome.

A few favourites

Titles are hard because not only do they have to say what the book is about very quickly, they also have to grab your reader instantly. If you're really lucky, a title will hit you early on. If you're like me, it'll take a while... a while like seven years!

Here are some tips for titles if you're really struggling:
  • Use a central theme or idea from the story.
  • Use a phrase or a line you really like.
  • Use the lead character's name.
  • Use a single word – short and snappy!

There are loads of title generators or games you can use to create titles too. Do whatever works best and enjoy naming your work! And once you've got your title, celebrate!


  1. I am the worst at titles! But, when I manage to come up with one, it usually just comes to me. Many times it comes to me at a horrible moment when I'm right in the middle of something else... such is the nature of my brain, I guess! Sometimes I try to sit down and think of a title, but usually that doesn't work. Maybe my problem is thinking too hard = nothing. ;)

  2. Yeah, sitting down and trying to think of a title doesn't work for me either -but sometimes it takes forever for it to come!

  3. Laura: Titles come to me either at the busiest time of my work day or when I'm falling asleep :P BAD TIMING, BRAIN!

    Gracie: So far, seven years is my record. I hope no title ever takes me so long again!


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