A Post For Valentine's

I wanted to talk about one of the best writing exercises I've ever had today because it fits the occasion so well!


My old tutor (JANE, YOU'RE AWESOME AND I MISS YOU!) told us to write about our first love. It could be a boyfriend/girlfriend or a crush, but we had to go into as much detail as possible about how it felt – and only the happy, gooey, romantic stuff! It was really nice to write.

After writing a “love memoir”, we had to put all those feelings into a piece of fictional writing. This one exercise completely changed my novel and gave the story the romantic element I didn't even realise it missed and needed so badly.

I wrote a scene where my two main characters realised how they felt about each other. It was pretty cheesy and won't make the final edit, but it got the idea in my head and it has added such a fantastic element to the narrative. It also gave one of the characters greater motivation for the things he does.

If your story needs something, see if a little bit of romance will fix things up! It doesn't have to be the focus – it certainly isn't in my novel – but the added relationship could give your plot the extra depth it needs.

Happy Writing!

And have happy Valentine's Day!


  1. All you need is love! ♥ Or, uh, that's not the point.

    That exercise sounds nice even for a non-writer, actually! :) You could just write your love story if you didn't want to take the next step to creating a new story out of your memories. It could be a fun way to reminisce!

  2. Laura: It's a very nice exercise, even if the relationship ended badly. Mine certainly came to an end! It's all about the giddy joy of first love.

  3. I totally with you when it comes to believing that romantic relationships add extra depth. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. brandimziegler: Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.


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