Plot Bunny Week: Day Seven

Alas, Plot Bunny Week comes to an end.  I hope you've found something to inspire you this week.  I'm sure I'll do another Plot Bunny Week in the future.

Today's inspiration shall be the winter season. 

Winter can be a good setting for any story, even if your characters escape it by going somewhere really warm!

This is my favourite Two Steps from Hell song.  It's on my Links page, but I wanted to post it today because I love it and want to share it with as many people as possible.  This piece of music is just beautiful.  I hope you all enjoy it and find it as inspiring as I do.

And one final thing...

Busy, busy, busy!

This is how my desk usually looks... and as you can tell from my screen, I enjoy multitasking as I write.  If anyone can guess the anime, they can have a virtual cupcake from me!

I'll even make you a cup of tea to go with it!

Happy Writing everyone!


  1. Ah, winter... I love it, even if it has to last for 6 months where I live. Thanks for the week of inspiring photos!

  2. Gracie: I'm looking forward to Spring too. Hope you're feeling inspired!


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