Midweek Motivator and COMING SOON!

Two days off and I'm desperate to get back! I'm feeling better (thanks, epic pile of medication!) and it's time for the midweek motivator!

Fatboy Slim's awesome "Right Here, Right Now".  I love how this song rises, like a character's about to have some kind of amazing adventure.  Great song ^_^ Fatboy Slim's also a Brighton local, whoop whoop!

And this from the Tron:Legacy soundtrack.  I'm using this a lot right now.  I love the feel that the adventure has ended, but there's so much more to come.


And now....

....Coming Soon, to Miss Cole Seeks Publisher...

February 7-13th is going to be...


Yes, next week I will be offering photos, music and snatches of ideas to get you writing! Grab a pen and bring your muses!


  1. Plot Bunny Week? That sounds like it could be interesting...

  2. Gracie: I hope it'll be useful! ^_^


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