I do so enjoy a good cliché!
Okay, so here's a question: do you like books with swearing or does swearing put you off?

I'm torn on the matter.  I've read books when it works really well, and that's usually when the words are used rarely and carefully.  However, I've also read books when the words are thrown in frequently and seem to be there for the sake of it.

I do feel there can be a place for swearing (and it's not on my terribly proper blog!!!!), but only when it's absolutely necessary, because I also feel for every "bad word", the wonderfully broad English language has something better to offer.

Thoughts? Feel free to tell me I'm a stuck up English female dog if you think this whole post is entirely too arrogant! Of course, be aware that one does hold one's little finger out as one sips one's tea...


  1. That photo is hilarious! Was that toilet just sitting around by that tree? Love it.

    I'm not a huge fan of swearing in written work. Swearing doesn't bother me, but - as you mention - there are many other words to use when you're composing a written story. Most of the time swearing in a book seems to be there just to be outrageous. I'd rather the author explain the intense feelings that their character is experiencing than to have the character shout an expletive and on they go. I'm sure there are examples of when it fits perfectly, so I wouldn't say never use swearing, but as a reader I prefer when authors avoid it. :)

  2. Laura: Yeah, I went for a walk last Spring and BOOM! Dumped toilet. These woodlands are right by my old university campus, so I imagine the students are the reason it's there.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. They should be commended for such a random act. ;)


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