A Different Perspective

Writing about the same old place over and over can get a little dull. If you're really familiar with the place you're writing about, you could overwhelm readers with over-the-top descriptions of streets, shops and houses and lose track of how the place feels.

Why not challenge yourself to write about your home-town or your favourite place as if it's the first time you've ever been there? Or why not try setting a story in your town as it used to be a hundred years ago? Better still, why not really push yourself and write as if your home-town was abandoned (for some mysterious reason), on another world, or in an alternate universe (mmmm Steampunk!).  The possibilities are unlimited!

The sea rose up and the pier was consumed...

However you do it, looking at familiar things from a different perspective can be really exciting and inspiring.

Have fun!


  1. I like the idea of writing about a place as if you were just there for the first time. That could help you capture the flavor, so to speak, rather than all the little details!

    Great photo! I love the way the ocean looks. :)

  2. Laura: It's so much fun because you can do it with anything - your house, your school, the place where you work...

    It was a very rough day when I took that photo... which sums up almost every day of this year. I think I can count the amount of times the sun's come out on one hand XD But SPRING IS COMING! WOO HOO!!!! I can't wait to start taking photos of the cherry blossoms!

  3. Spring has arrived in full force here... a few days ago it was more than 80 degrees (F)! I'm missing winter a bit, because I saw a bug today. *sob* I like when they're all hidden and not possibly in my bed or shower when it's winter. ;) However, the promise of flowers does help!

  4. We've been lost in fog, rain and wind all day. I think the sun was out around Wednesday last week :P


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