Appearances - Getting Started

If you're really lucky, you're an amazing artist capable of drawing your characters to the tiniest detail.

I can pull off a headshot of a moody heroine when the occassion calls for it

Thankfully, there are other ways to get a real image of your character, and it can be really useful in order to develop a good understanding of their appearance.

Here are some great places to start your search.

  • Newspaper or magazine photos – unless they're mega famous, models tend to be pretty anonymous. See if you can find one you like who fits your character.  You could go with a famous person, but try to avoid it so that person's character doesn't seep into yours.
  • Websites like Getty Images, Flickr or DeviantArt – Plenty of photos for you to dig through in search of a photo resembling your lead.
  • Artwork – It could be the Mona Lisa or your best friend's doodle, but a good drawing can be even better than a photo.
  • Commissioned Artwork – There are plenty of starving artists out there ready to draw for you, especially over at DeviantArt.  Find one you like and see how much they charge!

I've found some awesome images over the years and have them all tucked away.  I may not stick with the exact appearance for the character, but if the image feels right, I'll hold onto it.


  1. I usually don't search out images for my characters (although it's a good idea) but one time I stumbled across a drawing that looked exactly how I imagined one of my characters. It was pretty awesome! :)

  2. It would be epic if you could draw well enough to actually create an image of your character(s)! I like the idea of DeviantArt, too... there are some insanely talented artists there!

  3. Gracie: It's awesome when you find something when you least expect it ^_^

    Laura: The talent on DeviantArt shocks me endlessly. It's just another awesome source of inspiration!


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