Address Me By My Title!

I think my novel has a title! It's so obvious, it should've occurred to me years ago, but I can be a little slow on the uptake ^^; But YAY! I HAVE IT!

Time to celebrate.  Mmmmmmm!

I'll do a proper posts on titles this week.  I just wanted to share my excitement, if not the title itself.

Sunday Inspiration coming tonight!


  1. Titles are so difficult. Congratulations on finding yours!! :D

    Also, it is way too warm here for me to even think of drinking hot chocolate, but that whipped cream looks divine! I want to jump into that photo and scoop it off the top! ;)

  2. Laura: Warm? WARM?! Go away :P

  3. Cole: I'd say it is borderline hot today. ;)


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