Midweek Motivator!

Greetings to you all on this, another Midweek Motivator, brought to you by Miss Cole aaaaaand...

The main theme of Metal Gear Solid 2.  I love this piece of music.  It will make you feel like you're about to win a war.  It's a bit quiet at the start, so don't turn your volume up too loud.

And if you need a longer song that will still make you want to take down the enemy (and viewers of Top Gear may recognise a part of this track), try the theme from Metal Gear Solid 3!

This is 4th in my iTunes top 25.  It's awesome, perfect for the highs and lows of a chase scene.



  1. I stopped by from YA hiway...That was on my list too...lol. stop by to see me if you get a second, our blogs are the same color...lol

  2. I never played the MGS games, but I love their soundtracks.

  3. HowLynnTime: Thanks for stopping by!

    Angie: They're crazy but fun games and the soundtracks are amazing.


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