Just cracked one of the weak links in my plot. WOO HOO!

Don't you love how things come together when the characters take on a life of their own? You've got to love the drafting and editing process!

This is when writing is so exciting!

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We all have them, and recall them with varying accuracy. Sometimes you remember nothing, sometimes you have it then it slips away, and sometimes you remember everything.

I used to remember all of my dreams, but not so much now. I do use them in my writing though. I keep post-its by my bed ready to scribble down anything that could work.

If you remember a lot of dreams, you could even keep a dream diary and use it as a source of inspiration. I kept one religiously in 1998, but after a year or so I noted them down a little more sporadically and only saved the good ones. However, even though I don't keep it any more, the dream diary is really helpful. I have some workable ideas in there.

A dream I had several years ago has subsequently formed a central part of my novel. Other dreams have set off short stories too.  Dreams are definitely a fantastic source of inspiration and all you have to do is go to sleep!

So, when you wake up tomorrow or whenever you wake up from a dream that's left you thinking, be sure to write it down. One day it could be very useful!

Sweet dreams everyone!


  1. Was it J.K. Rowling who got the idea for her series in a dream? I don't think so, but I'm sure it was someone super successful!

    I tend to remember my dreams for about 30 seconds after I wake up, and then, no matter how hard I try to think about it, it starts to leave me. Writing it down immediately would definitely help!

  2. I remember reading something about J K Rowling saying Harry walked into her head one day, so it could've been her.

    Definitely write down the good ones!


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