I love to daydream. It's how a lot of my scenes come to life, and sometimes I have the daydream years before I write the story it belongs to. If I get stuck, I go back to my daydream bank and dig something out. 

The Daydream Bank

I find it so relaxing to lay in bed at night, tuned into my iPod and letting my imagination run free. The cinema screen in my head works best at night and on long car journeys (when I'm not the driver!). Music is the catalyst for this process, hence my love for playlists (my iPod has got to be the most ordered thing in my entire life).

And now that I'm a little under the weather and am under doctor's orders to rest, I really shall be chilling out with my imagination.


  1. I hope you feel better soon!! ♥ Doctor's orders to rest sounds like a great reason to daydream to me!

  2. Hopefully the extra steroids will get me back on track ^_^ Thankfully, writing up a blog post isn't strenuous!


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