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Farewell, 2018!

Another year comes to an end. It's been very, very busy and another year of self-improvement. I really embraced the have a go flamingo mentality this year ^_^

Best Books of 2018

I really like thrillers and highly recommend all these authors!

Best Game of 2018

Look, I'm trying not to put FFXV here...

I really enjoyed The Long Dark. And I bought Shadow of the Tomb Raider for my birthday and it's great fun! Not finished yet though!


Okay, this year's goals! Let's review :D
Edit, edit, edit - My book is in its final round of pre-submission edits! HOORAY.Blog minimal once a month -yeaaaaaaaah. Sorry ^^; Travel - Went to Bath, Stockholm and back to the USA this year. Loved it :DRemember to write for fun - Definitely did a lot of this year. It felt so good to just let words out and not worry about someone else liking them.Keep playing the violin - I performed my first duet with my teacher and it was the most terrifying thing I've done all year ^^; But I did it! ^_^2…

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