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Rewrite Chronicles V - Kill. Your. Darlings.

During my recent drafting phase, I didn't merely kill my darlings. I DESTROYED everything that used to be half my second act and the entirety of my third act... so, today we're gonna talk about killing your darlings. And I don't mean getting rid of characters. Okay, I don't only mean deleting characters. I'm also talking about destroying certain scenes and yeah, for me, it became a chain of deletion that eradicated a hefty chunk of my novel... a 20,000 word chunk. It was very, very daunting. I went from 70k to 50k.

The new draft reached 64k upon completion. I lost a lot of stuff. I cut out characters I considered essential. I deleted scenes I absolutely adored. However, the novel is closer to what I want it to be now.

Killing your darlings isn't easy. You may feel a lot of reluctance because of how much work it will entail. And getting rid of scenes you love suuuuuuuuuucks. And getting rid of characters feels weird, until you realise you can further develop th…

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