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What Analysing Films Can Teach You About Writing Books

Studying films can teach you how to structure a narrative, how to create good characters, and how compelling plots work. Yes, you can do all of this while reading a novel, but a film is quicker to digest and reflect on.

Today, I thought I'd share some links to YouTube so you too can get an idea about what you can learn.

I'm also going to examine the famous (infamous?) Blake Snyder Beat Sheet outlined in his screenwriting book Save the Cat. I've mentioned this book before in my mini review on books about writing, but I want to pick apart the beat sheet a bit more because it can help you understand the structure of a three act story.

Lessons from the Screenplay

A new discovery for me is Lessons from the Screenplay. Michael's most recent video compares why The Force Awakens works better than Rogue One. And while I'm not a particular fan of either film, he make a really valid argument here. Plus his analysis of Rogue One's first act is so spot on I wanted to chee…

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