Wednesday, 17 December 2014

What's Up Wednesday and Musical Advent Calendar Day Seventeen!

Welcome to the final What's Up Wednesday of 2014, hosted as always, by delightful sisters Jaime and Erin :D

What I'm Reading

Had to put the book I'm reading down because of the next section :P

What I'm Writing (+1 Goal)

Paper edit is complete! Now I'm reading the story through and making notes on what needs work in each chapter. After removing something like 12,000 words and at least one unnecessary subplot, I had to dive in and find what's running smoothly, what needs work, and what else needs deleting.

My goal, which will have to carry on all the way through to January, is to finish this round of edits.

What Works For Me

A little bit of pre-Christmas time off from the day job. It's really enabled me to get to grips with this editing malarkey ;)

Plus this cake, which my boss' very kindly gave me, has gone down an absolute treat. How spoiled (and unbelievably grateful!) am I? ^_^


What Else I'm Up To

I finished playing Uncharted 3 last week and honestly? That's one series of games that really grew on me. I still don't like the first one, the second one is a step in the right direction, but the third one is brilliant. Like, all the pieces they set out in the other two finally came together to create a really solid game. It just has such beautiful locations, especially the French Chateau level. I want to go there in real life, dammit!

And now, for day seventeen of my musical advent calendar! Thank you all for your comments so far. I'm loving putting this together every day, and it's great to know you're getting something out of it ^_^

So, given the gaming binge I've been on lately, there's really only one piece of music I can share today.

Direct link here

Not only is this a great piece of music, like a call to adventure, it comes from an amazing album, which you should all buy right now. Actually, there's two of them, and if you're not into videogames but like your writing music epic, you can't go wrong with these.

I will inevitably share more from the various Uncharted OSTs in the future. There's some great music to be found on them :D

So, everyone, have a wonderful festive season, a happy new year, and I'll see you in 2015 for the next What's Up Wednesday!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Miss Cole's Musical Advent Calendar! Day Sixteen

Welcome to Day Sixteen of my musical advent calendar. I really hope some of the music this month has proven inspirational.

Today's piece of music comes from Kingdom Hearts, performed by a group of super talented fans know as Project Destati. Their albums are available on iTunes and I highly recommend them, whether you've played the games or not.

Direct Link here

I love this piece. In the game, this is a fairly upbeat piece of music (kneel, loser!), but I love the darker edge in Project Destati's arrangement. Makes this song so much more epic!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Miss Cole's Musical Advent Calendar! Day Fifteen

It's Day Fifteen of my musical advent calendar, and today's piece comes from one of my favourite games of recent years, 2013's Tomb Raider. I really love the scores from the older games, but I felt like sharing A Survivor is Born because it's a great character piece. If you've got a main character going through hell but coming out the other side stronger (if horribly scarred, hey Lara?), this piece of music will suit them very well.

Direct link here

Lara's been a hero of mine since childhood, and I am soooooo excited for the next game in this series! Question is, will I play it in 2015 or will it have to wait until 2016? Hmm...

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Miss Cole's Musical Advent Calendar! Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen of my musical advent calendar and today is a special day as it's my Final Fantasy VII anniversary. I first played what is still my favourite game of all time SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO today. Wow. That's just astonishing. Seventeen years. Where did that time go?

I've talked recently about what this game means to me, and so it's only right that I share a piece of music from Final Fantasy VII today. Now, I could go for one of the game's epic themes, but I decided to go for one of my favourite quieter pieces.

Anxious Heart is so haunting. Anyone who's played this game will be instantly taken back to the Train Graveyard. Anyone who hasn't, close your eyes and see where your imagination takes you.

Direct link here

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Miss Cole's Musical Advent Calendar! Day Thirteen

Hi everyone! Today, I'm sharing music from one of my favourite composers, Michael Giacchino. His scores are amazing. Need to run through every emotion in your story? Giacchino's music has you covered. You'll find tracks to uplift you, and tracks to make you weep through the entire film.

(I am never sitting through Up again. Never. No. I won't. My emotions will never recover.)

I am sharing one of my favourite pieces from last year's Star Trek Into Darkness OST. If you've got a good villain in your MS, this will make a great theme tune. I love how the soft beginning builds and builds into a really menacing piece of music.

Direct link here

Hearing this performed live at the Royal Albert Hall back in May is a definite highlight of 2014.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Miss Cole's Musical Advent Calendar! Day Twelve

The more I play the violin, the more I love to explore classical music. I've had a lot of favourite pieces over the years, and I really enjoy giving them a go myself. One of my favourites to play is Debussy's Clair de lune. However, as much as I like playing it, what I really enjoy is listening to a talented pianist play it, because it is just so soothing and relaxing. If you need to let go of your day job before you write, or if you've got characters who are in a very mellow, dreamy headspace, you cannot go wrong with this music. It possesses the kind of beauty that can move you to tears. It's just sublime.

Direct link here

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Miss Cole's Musical Advent Calendar! Day Eleven

According to Susan Hill's The Woman in Black (which, if you haven't read, you need to immediately), Christmas is the time of year to sit by a crackling fire and tell each other ghost stories. If that's the case, I know exactly where I'm going for scaaaaary music. I apologise in advance that this doesn't seem to be available on iTunes, but it's one of my favourite creepy pieces to write with, so I had to share it. Thank goodness for Youtube, right? :D

Direct link here

I love the atmosphere this creates. Unlike Day One's piece of music, rather than dancing through a snowy forest, I feel like I've lost my way in one instead, and there's no telling if I'm safe or in imminent danger. This is a great piece of music for any horror writers out there, and I cannot state enough how worth your while it would be hunting down all the Silent Hill soundtracks if you write creepy tales.