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Concert Review - Symphonic Memories

On Saturday, I went to Symphonic Memories at the Konserthuset in Stockholm, performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic with a solo by Rony Barrak.

The concert featured the premiere of an arrangement from Final Fantasy XV called In the Shadow of the Crystal. If any of you have been around my blog or my Twitter feed since July 2017, you'll know FFXV kinda took over my life in a way only my favourite things do. I've loved Yoko Shimomura's music since I first heard her Kingdom Hearts soundtrack, and her FFXV score was the reason I picked up the game in the first place. And I was not disappointed by the arrangement. Powerful, menacing, and occasionally tragic, it featured numerous battle themes, including Stand Your Ground and Veiled in Darkness, both of which I loooooove. The use of the piano's lowest notes for ARDYN really stood out for me. So menacing! I adored how the beautiful piano/violin duet of Somnus flowed through the entire orchestra. The entire time I sat t…

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